Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Class Airfares to Australia

Dom Pérignon, Hermès hand lotion, personal video screens, reclining leather seats . . . we're not in coach class anymore, Toto.
Fly first class airfares to Australia and know the luxury that you've been missing! Flying first is all about arriving in better shape: It is the ultimate way to survive the 14 hour grueling flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

The luxury of first class is space, privacy, and a sleeper seat that gives the chance of a proper night's rest. Seats are big and comfy front-of-the-plane recliners, which make it possible for even the tallest person to stretch their legs out. The sleeper seat is the best antidote for jet lag with seat pitch typically around 60 to 62 inches and a 70-degree angle of recline, which enables you to stretch out almost horizontally across five windows. The food is served on china with tablecloths, real glasses, and a full meal is presented in courses. Drinks, including fine wines, champagne and cognac are complimentary as well. First-class passengers' luggage is given special handling and is always first off the plane. There's even extra space designated for their on-board luggage - far more than coach passengers are permitted to carry on. Refreshments, newspapers, and Internet connections are available. First-class passengers may wait for their flights in a separate, often luxurious, area of the airport called a club or lounge, and on arrival in Australia, they often are privilege to an exclusive arrivals' lounge where first class clients can have breakfast, shower and change, make calls, get a suit pressed and generally get their act together after they land.

There is still nothing that can match the serene and luxurious atmosphere of traveling First Class.

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