Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lake Taupo

So, you’re planning a trip to New Zealand? You might have heard about Lake Taupo (and its breathtaking scenery), but you don’t know much about it, what to do there, or if you can afford it! If so, then let us detail why no trip to New Zealand would be complete without a stop at the beautiful Lake Taupo.

First, a geography lesson: Lake Taupo is the large lake, situated in the very center of New Zealand’s North Island. Its gorgeous scenery is a result of the surrounding Taupo Volcanic Zone—26,500 years ago, a violent eruption caused the surrounding land to collapse, creating the Lake Taupo basin. Journey to the Lake Taupo region, and you’ll be encircled by stunning views of the lake, nearby mountains (including Mt. Ngauruhoe, which played the role of “Mt. Doom” in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), and, of course, the volcanoes.

But besides the scenery, why should you visit Lake Taupo? Let us just list out some of the many incredible activities you can do there: relax in the thermal Taupo Hot Springs, kayak past ancient Maori rock carvings, adventure in a Huka Jet, raft on the Tongararo River, bungy jump, sky dive (did we mention, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world?), snowboard, skiing, golf, sail, hike in Tongararo National Park, or go fly fishing on the lake.

There is obviously plenty of reason to visit, so where should you stay when you get there? By far, the most well-known is the Lake Taupo Lodge—an elegant lodge with luxury suites and 4-course dinners, for premium comfort and relaxation in New Zealand. However, if luxury lodges don’t fit into your budget, don’t despair! Lake Taupo has hundreds of different accommodations, from budget hostels to 3-star hotels, and from local homes available for rent to fishing lodges, for the true fishing enthusiast.

Whatever your travel needs and desires, Lake Taupo is the vacation destination for everyone! View some of our packages to
Lake Taupo, in the North Island of New Zealand. Then, call one of our agents to book your vacation. Happy travels!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Australia Tours

A good way to see the sights Downunder is to travel in the comfort and ease of a tour.

No longer do you have to worry about confirming hotel reservations, getting lost driving in an unfamiliar country, or - most importantly - missing any of the top attractions. When you travel with a tour, your vacation truly becomes a vacation. Sit back and relax as your tour operator takes the wheel, letting you focus on the reasons you traveled Downunder in the first place: relaxation and impressive sightseeing! (And don’t forget the interesting commentary you’ll receive along the way!)

So, don’t spend your vacation checking into hotels, lugging your bags everywhere, or getting lost in the Outback. Instead, ensure your vacation will be filled with great memories when you travel in the ease of a tour.

Check out some of our many Australia tours and discover how easy it can be to go on vacation!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fly to Australia

With so many vacation destinations, how can you ever choose? May we suggest a vacation you will never forget—a trip to the land Downunder, Australia.

Hop on the world-renowned Qantas airlines and wake up the next morning in the exciting metropolis of Sydney, Australia. Climb the Sydney Bridge, cruise the harbor, go shopping, eat out at one of Sydney’s famous restaurants, and take-in a performance at the Sydney Opera House.

Day-trip to the Blue Mountains before you catch a flight Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast. Relax on the beaches or surf the waves. Travel through the rainforest and take a trip up to Cairns where you can snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

Or head south to the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne. Not your style? Then head to the Outback for a true vacation adventure. Speed along the roads in a 4WD, visit Ayers Rock, and try to catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s native wildlife.

In a continent the size of the United States, there’s plenty to do for each unique interest. Visit our website to view some of our many packages and tours of Australia, and while you’re there, take a peak at our discounted airfares and see how reasonable it is to
fly to Australia.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Cruise Suites

Have you been saving up to go on a cruise, maybe for your honeymoon, an anniversary, a girls' week away, or a family vacation? Make sure your cruise vacation lives up to your expectations by booking a suite.

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to justify going on a cruise if you book a cabin. Not only are they the smallest rooms on the ship (some even have bunk beds to maximize space), but their lack of windows will require you to go out to the deck to see the passing scenery—and rarely will you find an empty chair. Oceanview cabins, though the name sounds quite lovely, is not usually much more than an inside cabin, with a single window or porthole.

On the other hand, suites are the way to truly enjoy your vacation on the seas. Ranging from standard suites to luxury and even penthouse, at the minimum, suites are 50% larger than cabins and come with added amenities, some of which include: floor to ceiling windows, whirlpool bath and shower, a mini-bar and refrigerator, and either a queen bed and sofa or 2 twin beds and sofa.

Most importantly, suites include a sitting area and a private verandah for lounging and dining. (If you’re traveling with a large group, consider booking a least one suite, so your party can enjoy the benefits of the private verandah.)

Going on a cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime—ensure it becomes one by booking a suite.

View some of our many discounted cruise suites and start planning your cruise vacation, today.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Luxury Cruise Packages

If you have ever sailed on a large cruise line before, been stuck in the bowels of a ship in a room smaller than your bedroom closet, or been disappointed in the quality of service or lack of attention to detail on your cruise experience, take heart--a cruise experience like no other awaits you...and will leave you vowing never to return to the old way of cruising.

Imagine such impeccable attention to detail, where truffles are left on your pillow and the blackjack dealer takes the time to learn your name. Imagine a menu catered to your dietary desires and then prepared by world class chefs. Imagine a ship with all suites and balconies that over look the incredible sea-scape so that you are never left feeling like you are trapped in a cracker box but rather King and Queen of the Seas. Imagine
the luxury and quality of some of the world's most lavish hotels, but with the intimacy of personalized service coupled with the warmth of feeling like home. Imagine a six-star cruising experience that leaves you wanting to stay longer and wishing that the end hadn't come so soon.

Stop cursing the day you bought the inside cabin on your first cruise that made you say you'd never try cruising again. Instead, try one of our Luxury Cruise Packages where the touch of fine linen, the scent of fresh flowers, and the texture and taste of fine wine stirs your inner emotions and deepens your enjoyment of life.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

First Class Airfares to Australia

Dom Pérignon, Hermès hand lotion, personal video screens, reclining leather seats . . . we're not in coach class anymore, Toto.
Fly first class airfares to Australia and know the luxury that you've been missing! Flying first is all about arriving in better shape: It is the ultimate way to survive the 14 hour grueling flight from Los Angeles to Sydney.

The luxury of first class is space, privacy, and a sleeper seat that gives the chance of a proper night's rest. Seats are big and comfy front-of-the-plane recliners, which make it possible for even the tallest person to stretch their legs out. The sleeper seat is the best antidote for jet lag with seat pitch typically around 60 to 62 inches and a 70-degree angle of recline, which enables you to stretch out almost horizontally across five windows. The food is served on china with tablecloths, real glasses, and a full meal is presented in courses. Drinks, including fine wines, champagne and cognac are complimentary as well. First-class passengers' luggage is given special handling and is always first off the plane. There's even extra space designated for their on-board luggage - far more than coach passengers are permitted to carry on. Refreshments, newspapers, and Internet connections are available. First-class passengers may wait for their flights in a separate, often luxurious, area of the airport called a club or lounge, and on arrival in Australia, they often are privilege to an exclusive arrivals' lounge where first class clients can have breakfast, shower and change, make calls, get a suit pressed and generally get their act together after they land.

There is still nothing that can match the serene and luxurious atmosphere of traveling First Class.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Business Class to Europe

Tired of flying economy? Sick of peanuts and terrible in-flight movies? Desperate for a little legroom? Then maybe it's time you moved up to Business Class.

If your main concern is a cheap airfare you can stop reading right now. The cheapest airfares are based on flying Economy or "Coach" Class ­ the class of the masses. Sure, you'll save money by booking Economy but if your flight is over two hours long, the comfort factor could end up being more important than the fare. After all, Economy Class is just a seat on an airplane. You'll get from Point A to Point B but comfort and convenience? Forget it!

OK, so you decide to give it a try. Aside from paying more, what sort of goodies await you? Well, first of all, the seats are wider and they recline further, which is a big plus on long flights. Most airlines also equip their Business Class seats with connections for your laptop and other electronics. Some even have a DVD facility so you can enjoy your choice of movie. The overhead lighting is also better in Business and there's more room for your carry-on baggage. And the food? It's more than peanuts! Many flights of over three hours feature full meals. On Lufthansa Airlines, Business Class meals are created by well-known European chefs and feature a wide range of starters, salads, side dishes and desserts.!

Business Class passengers also get perks at the airport, before and after the flight. There are often separate check-in desks for Business passengers, and checked luggage is given priority handling. Separate security lines reduce that inevitable boarding wait. While you're waiting for your flight to be called you may even be offered access to the airline's private lounge, where the seating is comfortable, the food is often free and there's an open bar.

So forget the peanuts and move up to Business Class. If you've never tried it before you're going to find yourself in a much more pleasant world!

Next time you experience flying frustration or airport agony, don't complain to Laura Quarantiello. You probably haven't read her book "Air-Ways: The Insider's Guide to Air Travel."

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sydney Tour Packages

Random Facts about Sydney:
Fact 1: For a bird's-eye view of Sydney, whiz to the top of AMP Centrepoint Tower, recognized as having the southern hemisphere's most lofty observation deck and being Sydney's tallest building. Set 1000 feet above the city, the tower's viewing deck and restaurants offer panoramic views and an incredible vista of the city's environs.
Fact 2: Widely hailed as the country's premiere newspaper, the esteemed Sydney Morning Herald is also the oldest daily publication south of the equator. It's been informing and educating the Aussie populace since 1831.
Fact 3: To combat wear and counterfeiting, Australia's government introduced plastic money in the late '80s. And not credit cards, either. The actual cash is created from a polymer, making it hard to duplicate. In addition, the money lasts four times as long as paper and can be recycled when it's exhausted its usefulness.
Fact 4: The impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge has been a prominent city landmark since its completion in 1932. The edifice accommodates traffic from pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and trains, all thanks to millions of rivets, thousands of tons of steel, and three ships-ful of granite. However, upkeep can be a bit of a chore; its paintable surface equals that of 60 playing fields.
Fact 5: A melting pot of races and ethnicities, Australia has embraced everyone from native aborigines to immigrants from Europe and Asia. However, it also holds mysteries in its past. During excavations on the site of a hotel in the late '80s, artifacts from the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world were discovered. Their presence has never been suitably explained.
Fact 6: If all the confusion with drains emptying counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere and Christmas occurring during the summer has you stymied, you'll be relieved to know that Sydney's climate is comparable to that of southern California. Anticipate heat and some extra humidity, and you'll be right in line with the weather.
Fact 7: If you're never quite sure what the natives in a city are called, Sydney may give you pause. Nope, its residents are not Sydneyites, or even Sydnonians. Denizens refer to themselves as Sydneysiders - and now, you will too.
Fact 8: In ancient times, the area where Sydney now exists was the domain of the native Daruk, Eora, and Guringai tribes. When the British took control of the region, the aborigines were pressed outward and crippled by disease and brutality. These days, the primary signs of their presence are the names of several city suburbs and a variety of rock engravings, paintings, and shell middens (refuse piles from seafood consumption).
Fact 9: If you've ever agonized over finding a restroom in New York city, you'll love Sydney's "comfort" initiative. The government has documented the location of approximately 13,000 restrooms all over the country and consolidated the data for the convenience of travelers. In preparation for a vacation or even a shopping jaunt, you'll want to log on to and determine where best to accommodate nature's call.
Fact 10: Many folks know that Sydney began life as a British penal colony, populated by convicts who often committed crimes as innocuous as petty theft. What most folks don't realize is that the criminals were only sent to Australia once the American colonies ousted the British from their territory. Prior to that, English convicts were shipped across the Atlantic.

Want to go? Check out our many options for Sydney Tour Packages!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fiji Vacation Getaways!

There is an island in the Pacific
Who above all the rest is terrific
The sand is hot
The drinks are not
Come visit Fiji--it is magic!

Fiji Vacation Getaways are the perfect opportunity to add an Island Excursion to your South Pacific Vacation. Stop over in Nadi, the Coral Coast, or any of the off-shore islands for a truly unique experience. Come for the romance. Come for the diving. Come to swim with the dolphins. Whatever the reason, now is the time to come for the magic!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Discount Vacations to Tahiti and Fiji

Whether you want a private island picnic near Bora Bora or a canoe delivered breakfast in your overwater bungalow, Tahiti and Fiji are the ultimate South Pacific islands of paradise. A zesty blend of culture mixed with a touch of Heaven, paradise is beckoning you to come run your toes through her white sand, leaving the hustle and bustle of the office and work thousands of miles behind. Answer her call. Run with abandon along her carved shores or sip coconut juice as you relax under the shade of a palm tree. Don't hesitate another moment. Plan your discount vacation to Tahiti or Fiji today.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fiji Cruise Vacations

Whether it's your honeymoon, family vacation, or a much-earned holiday, explore the possibilities of a Fiji cruise vacation. Our experienced agents have been helping travellers plan their perfect getaways for over 28 years. Just check out my collage pictures for an enticing taste of the Fijian Islands:

There's no place on earth quite like this one!

Travel Team Travels the World!

Vacations are what we specialize in. The TRAVEL TEAM Agents have extensive travel experience all across the world. From Tahiti to Morocco, Switzerland to Malaysia, and Maui to Sydney, our agents have been there and want to help you plan your dream vacation. Go ahead. Explore the possibilities. Here are some highlights from a couple of our agents:

  1. Tracy, our Caribbean specialist, has traveled to St. Martin, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and the Mayan Riviera to name a few. She also just got back from two weeks in Tahiti!
  2. Camille is our resident World Traveler! She has been to Hawaii, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa Del Carmen, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Ghana, Togo, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and almost every where in Australia!
  3. Trisha has been to London, Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam, Spain, and Copenhagen, Morocco, Maui, Jamaica, the Western Caribbean, and the Fiji Islands where she got married!
  4. Jennifer from A-to-Z has traversed countries across the globe including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Fiji, France, Great Britain, Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu), Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Martinique, Mexico, (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City), Monaco, New Zealand, Scotland, and Switzerland!
  5. Cameron has traveled extensively through Europe, living in Eastern France for 1 year, as well as touring London, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, and Austria! He has trekked through Iceland, East, Central and West Canada, and Northern Mexico as well!
  6. Cathy in the South Pacific has visited Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Fiji; in Europe she has explored England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Croatia; in Africa she braved the sweltering sun of Egypt; in the East she voyaged across Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea; and finally in North America she has scoured the lands of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada! Cathy has also been on over 10 cruises!
  7. Dale, who has been in the business for 36 years, has traveled to Europe over a dozen times, the South Pacific four times, Hawaii over twenty times, South America, Asia, Central America, and has been on 13 different cruises! Ask Dale for a story about any place on the globe!