Thursday, April 21, 2011

Space Trips Launching in January 2014

The Dutch Aviation Company, Space Expedition Curacao (SXC) will begin suborbital space trips for private individuals, beginning January 1, 2014. The one-man flights taking off from Curacao will last about 35 minutes and cost US$ 95,000 dollars.

Pilot Rick Searfoss will pilot the flights to a height of around 100 kilometers. Searfoss, a threefold Space Shuttle astronaut and one-time Space Shuttle commander, currently works as a test pilot for XCOR, the US company which builds the Lynx2, the two-seater space ship figuring so prominently in SXC’s plans. The developers said CuraƧao was selected because of the nice weather and because it is a relatively quiet area in the region’s air space.

The company plans to offer four one-passenger flights each day. Those who have made the flight can officially call themselves astronauts, according to the company. For more information, visit or contact a professional travel agent today!

Monday, April 18, 2011

World's First In-Flight Duty Free Store

Korean Airlines will be the first airline to have the world's first in-flight duty free store on its A380 aircraft. The store, designed by UK firm AIM Aviation and Lancome, will be located at the back of the lower deck measuring 11.9 sqm, which is the equivalent of 13 economy seats.

The airline believes it will take in more in sales at the store then they would by selling the 13 economy seats, by selling higher branded products. They will also sell advertising space. The duty free store will consist of five units. Unit 1 is a "video wall" displaying advertisements while the other units will showcase cosmetics, fragrances, accessories and a limited selection of liquor. The store is intended to serve as a "physical catalogue."

The airline is also the first to devote the entire upper deck to business class with 94 "Prestige Class" seats. The lower deck will have 12 first class seats and 301 economy class seats. Their first A380 will be delivered at the end of next month.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Electric Limo "Superbus"

The first of it's kind, a fully electric-powered 'Superbus', looking like something between the bat mobile and a limo, has made its public debut in Dubai.

The eco-friendly limo bus offers comfortable and luxurious transport for up to 23 passengers. Measuring 15 meters in length, 2.5 meters wide, and 1.65 meters high and boasting eight gull wing style doors, the new super limo is hoping to offer the discerning residents of the United Arab Emirates a convenient and luxurious travel experience.

With a top speed of 250 km per hour, and with plans to create a dedicated road for the limo super-bus running parallel to the main motorway route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the service will reduce travel times between the two major cities dramatically which will be especially appealing to corporate clients.

The Superbus project is supported by the Dutch government who have invested $7m Euros.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

DOT Wants Airlines to Refund Baggage Fees for Lost Bags

The Department of Transportation is working on new rules that would require airlines to refund baggage fees if a bag is lost or not delivered in a timely manner.

Under the existing rules, if a bag is lost or damaged, passengers can ask for a refund of the fee as part of their claim for lost property. If the bag is just delayed there is no recourse for the passenger, even if he has to purchase necessities.

We will be hearing details of the new rules later this month. The rules will address baggage as well as other proposed changes, including payments to bumped passengers, no-penalty cancelations and improved fee disclosure. The DOT wants to make airlines pay passengers more when they're bumped off their flight, allow passengers to cancel reservations within 24 hours of booking with no penalty and require better disclosure of fees and surcharges.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

United Celebrates 85 Years of Flying

United's first flight took place on April 6, 1926 in Nevada. Walter Varney was the pilot of the small swallow biplane, and completed the first airmail delivery. Varney founded Varney Air service in 1926 after he was given an airmail contract. He later sold the company to United Aircraft and Transport, which changed its name to United Air Lines in 1933. In 1934, Varney and his business partner Louis Mueller founded Varney Speed Lines, which was sold in 1937 and renamed Continental Airlines.

In 1926, fewer than 6,000 Americans paid to travel by plane. By 1930, that number had gone up to about 170,000 paying passengers each year. Boeing's tri-motored Model 80 carried up to 18 people in an enclosed cabin, a step up from only a few years earlier when two passengers rode on top of mailbags, wearing parachutes and goggles. In 1936, people could fly coast to coast, allowing at least 20 hours for the trip, but generally bought tickets at the door of the plane just before takeoff.

Today United flies more than 150 million customers each year, equal to about half the population of the U.S., and travelers can book flights from virtually anywhere. The new United features the world's most comprehensive route network, offering customers access to destinations on six continents and nonstop or one-stop service from virtually anywhere in the United States. With the most modern and fuel-efficient fleet among America's network carriers, United takes to the sky with 5,675 daily departures from nearly 375 airports.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

eBay to Start Selling Hotel Rooms?

Apparently eBay wants to become a player in selling hotel rooms by partnering with RateTiger, to allow direct booking on their website and also the ability to manage pricing and availability directly on eBay's booking platform. This would be done in the same way a hotel property would allow rooms booked through other distribution channels such as the GDS and online travel agencies.

eBay currently has around 275 million users worldwide and is said to account for 14% of global ecommerce. Hotel chains already using eBay include Marriott, Renaissance, Hilton, Radisson Blu, Intercontinental and Choice Hotels International. eBay will be featured as a new channel within the RateTiger system.

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