Friday, February 27, 2009

V Australia Takes Off!

V Australia had a grand send off from Sydney yesterday as Sir Richard Branson threw a great party to celebrate the launch.

The three class boutique style airline offers 33 Business Class lie-flat beds, 40 Premium Economy club seats and 288 economy seats. The suite of in-flight products includes two in-flight bars, a female toilet complete with piped music and Australian icons featured on subtle wallpaper murals. All seats on the brand new 777-300ER aircraft offer personal state-of-the-art seat back entertainment with user friendly touch screen options and seat to seat 'chat' or competition connectivity.

V Australia is the only carrier to operate the economically and environmentally efficient Boeing 777 aircraft on the long haul trans-Pacific route. You will be able to recognize thier planes, as they have the Southern Cross painted on the tail.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Not Take a Fiji Stopover?

Planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand? Perhaps you should consider a stop over in Fiji!

Many flights to Australia and New Zealand will allow a stop over in this beautiful island paradise either on the way there, or on your way home - for free, or just a small surcharge. From crystal clear aquamarine water, brilliant colored coral and the sway of the palm tree to spectacular waterfalls and breath taking sunsets, if there's adventure in your soul, Fiji is the place to indulge it!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Eurostar Back in Service

Eurostar is operating on a full timetable starting today, five months after the Channel Tunnel fire.

It is offering increased service from 2008 levels with 19 trains per day to Paris and up to 10 per day to Brussels. This adds up to 1 million additional seats to the end of the year. Eurostar reports that business day trips are again on the increase and customers do not want hidden extras or a reduction in service frequency.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Need A Reason to go to Hawaii?

In case you've been thinking about taking a vacation to Hawaii and need another reason to go, Hawaiian Airlines came in first in on-time arrivals among U.S. carriers, for the fifth year in a row!

This is according to a U.S. Department of Transportation Air Travel Consumer report, that was released on February 9th. Southwest Airlines came in second place. To meet the DOT's standards, flights must arrive within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

US Firm to Repair Damage to Coral Reefs

RESOLVE, a US based company in Fort Lauderdale is helping to repair damage done by ships through a pioneering coral reef replacement system.

The company has developed a technique to effectively grow coral and anchor it to the sea bed atop custom made underwater structures. The company leads the field and has placed more artificial ship reefs on the ocean floor than any other company. It built the world's largest artificial reef using a decommissioned Navy aircraft carrier, the Oriskany, and successfully prepared and sank the vessel for reefing purposes off the coast of Pensacola.

Last week a Panama flagged tanker, which struck a reef in the Caribbean, has agreed to pay the high cost of replacing the damaged coral. RESOLVE fragments healthy coral, nurturing them in a lab, attaches them to a larger eco friendly reef structure and then transplants them back into their previous environment. These structures provide a porous, yet sturdy substrate to promote rapid growth, environmental complexity and an animal friendly habitat.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

US Airways to Start Charging for Pillows and Blankets

US Airways announced yesterday that they will start charging $7.00 for their "Power Nap Sack" kit, beginning February 16th, for all their domestic flights. At this point, they are not planning to charge for pillows and blankets on international flights.

This kit will include a neck pillow, a 34 x 60-inch fleece blanket, eye shades and ear plugs, and they all come in a drawstring bag. Kevin Jackson, a marketing official for Tempe-based US Airways, said selling the pillows and blankets "is a natural extension of our 'pay for what you choose and use' model we began rolling out last year."

The airlines have began increasing fees, such as paying for onboard amenities and checked bags, to help cover part of their financial losses they have been facing due to the downturn in travel due to the recession.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Disney Resorts Anaheim Has Introduced New Green Measures

Disneyland Resort has introduced two initiatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It has begun using compressed natural gas to fuel its guest trams and recycled cooking oil to power its Disneyland Railroad steam trains and Mark Twain riverboat attractions.