Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lake Taupo

So, you’re planning a trip to New Zealand? You might have heard about Lake Taupo (and its breathtaking scenery), but you don’t know much about it, what to do there, or if you can afford it! If so, then let us detail why no trip to New Zealand would be complete without a stop at the beautiful Lake Taupo.

First, a geography lesson: Lake Taupo is the large lake, situated in the very center of New Zealand’s North Island. Its gorgeous scenery is a result of the surrounding Taupo Volcanic Zone—26,500 years ago, a violent eruption caused the surrounding land to collapse, creating the Lake Taupo basin. Journey to the Lake Taupo region, and you’ll be encircled by stunning views of the lake, nearby mountains (including Mt. Ngauruhoe, which played the role of “Mt. Doom” in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), and, of course, the volcanoes.

But besides the scenery, why should you visit Lake Taupo? Let us just list out some of the many incredible activities you can do there: relax in the thermal Taupo Hot Springs, kayak past ancient Maori rock carvings, adventure in a Huka Jet, raft on the Tongararo River, bungy jump, sky dive (did we mention, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world?), snowboard, skiing, golf, sail, hike in Tongararo National Park, or go fly fishing on the lake.

There is obviously plenty of reason to visit, so where should you stay when you get there? By far, the most well-known is the Lake Taupo Lodge—an elegant lodge with luxury suites and 4-course dinners, for premium comfort and relaxation in New Zealand. However, if luxury lodges don’t fit into your budget, don’t despair! Lake Taupo has hundreds of different accommodations, from budget hostels to 3-star hotels, and from local homes available for rent to fishing lodges, for the true fishing enthusiast.

Whatever your travel needs and desires, Lake Taupo is the vacation destination for everyone! View some of our packages to
Lake Taupo, in the North Island of New Zealand. Then, call one of our agents to book your vacation. Happy travels!

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