Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheap Airfares in New Zealand

Often a highly underrated way to travel, vacationers can gain a lot from learning about the possibilities of domestic airfare. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, we urge you think about booking some domestic Air New Zealand flights to make the most out of your trip.

Cheap airfares in New Zealand are not hard to come by. Quite often, any one-way flight within New Zealand costs less than $100 USD. With cheap airfares like this, wouldn’t you rather spend more time in the places you want to be than riding in a bus or driving in a car, day after day?

If your trip to New Zealand is crunched for time, may we make some itinerary suggestions? Rather than driving from Auckland to Rotorua and then all the way down to Wellington, crossing over on a ferry, and continuing down to Christchurch…why not simply take a flight from Rotorua to Christchurch? Then, you have more days to see the sights on the South Island.

Conversely, if you are more interested in seeing the Bay of Islands, Lake Taupo, and the vineyards on the North Island, book a flight from Wellington to Queenstown, so you can still see that gorgeous city, Milford Sound, and maybe even Mt. Cook National Park.

With cheap domestic flights within New Zealand, your vacation possibilities are endless! Contact us for more information on
Cheap Airfares in New Zealand and further travel advice.

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