Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Airline Baggage Fees

It seems that everyone is feeling the effects of the record breaking fuel prices in some way or another. For most of us, it’s when we go to the gas station or buy food. Every time I fill up my car, the prices are higher than the time before and a few items at the grocery store breaks the bank. Because of this, I’ve been trying different methods to use less gas, be more fuel efficient and I decided to plant a garden.

This also means that companies using large quantities of fuel, such as airlines, are finding ways to either reduce their consumption through alternative fuel research and/or by charging for what used to be included in all flights such as drinks and snacks. They are looking for any way to cover the costs.

Unfortunately this means higher airfares and more fees for passengers. Many airlines have started charging fees for all checked bags, including the first one. I have a feeling that all domestic airlines will be charging these fees soon if gas prices don’t start going down soon.

For a complete list of which airlines are charging fees for checked bags, speciality seating and snacks, check out this link http://rickseaney.com/domestic-airline-fee-chart/ or contact your airline.

Even with the high fuel costs, there are incredible deals for all international travel. Airlines still want their planes full and look at the bottom dollar. To find out about the best prices and the inside, up-to-date scoop, contact your Travel Agent for all your travel needs.

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