Friday, February 13, 2009

US Firm to Repair Damage to Coral Reefs

RESOLVE, a US based company in Fort Lauderdale is helping to repair damage done by ships through a pioneering coral reef replacement system.

The company has developed a technique to effectively grow coral and anchor it to the sea bed atop custom made underwater structures. The company leads the field and has placed more artificial ship reefs on the ocean floor than any other company. It built the world's largest artificial reef using a decommissioned Navy aircraft carrier, the Oriskany, and successfully prepared and sank the vessel for reefing purposes off the coast of Pensacola.

Last week a Panama flagged tanker, which struck a reef in the Caribbean, has agreed to pay the high cost of replacing the damaged coral. RESOLVE fragments healthy coral, nurturing them in a lab, attaches them to a larger eco friendly reef structure and then transplants them back into their previous environment. These structures provide a porous, yet sturdy substrate to promote rapid growth, environmental complexity and an animal friendly habitat.

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