Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Do You Want on Every Flight?

That's what AirTran Airlines is asking their customers, what new amenity you would like to see on every flight?

The airline is conducting an online survey, you can go to to submit your suggestions and read other submissions. The airline promises to pick at least one of the new suggestions, saying the promotion is building towards a May 12 announcement about which new amenity the carrier will add on every flight. So far suggestions range from pizza to pilates.

1 comment:

  1. You ask "what new amenity" I would like to see on Air Tran. The "new amenity" I would like to see is an increase in ethics as regards ticket sales. On May 1st my wife, Judy Arnold, bought a ticket to visit her ageing parents on June 27. If she had waited 6 days, she could have saved a considerable amount of money. The ethical response on behalf of Air Tran would be to refund the difference.
    Until today, my wife & I had very warm feelings for the way Air Tran did business. I know the concept of ethics has little credence today but I continue to value this idea.


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