Thursday, June 25, 2009

Delta's Red Coats Are Back

Do you remember the days when those Delta Red Coats could be found in any Delta terminal? They came into existence in the 60’s but then disappeared several years ago.

Last summer Delta brought them back at JFK. This year they can be found at 14 airports around the country. They will be walking the concourses and around the gate areas. Atlanta, Los Angeles, Orlando and Reagan National are just four of the 14 airports. It’s at least a small return of some customer service by an airline.

The Red Coats are being equipped with handheld units, similar to those used by rental car representatives, to help them more efficiently assist passengers, directing those who've missed a connection to their new flight, securing boarding passes or even providing food vouchers if there is a need. They are considered to be a kind of super-agent who can handle virtually any task but the Red Coats' primary mission is to fix problems.

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