Friday, August 14, 2009

Jet Pack Flying is Coming to New Zealand!

Forget bungy jumping and river rafting, New Zealand's tourists will soon be able to whiz around in a strap-on mini helicopter to get their thrills.

The Kiwi inventor, Glen Martin, will launch public flights early next year, with plans to expand to Australia soon after. The Martin Jetpack, literally a personal strap-on aircraft, is a two-liter jet-powered engine designed to soar across the skies at 60 miles per hour at heights of up to 160 feet!

The first public flight program will be limited to low and slow flying in a controlled area while the Christchurch-based company road tests the safety and limits of the engine. "It will still be flying as it's never been done before, just in the confines of a rugby field-type space." said the inventor. "Just because we have to stay under 30 feet high and under 6 miles per hr doesn't mean it won't be an incredibly exciting experience."

The flights are expected to cost about the same as a bungy jump or a tandem skydive, and will require just a few minutes training before a person can strap in and take a solo flight. Inventor Glenn Martin dreams of the day commuters will hop into the contraption to fly to work, missing rush hour traffic in their cars.

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