Friday, October 09, 2009

5 Helpful Tips for Women Traveling Alone

If you are a woman who travels alone, or will be, as many women do these days, here are some helpful tips to ensure safer travels.

1. Pack Smart. Pack light so you won't be weighed down or look weighed down, both of which could make you an ideal target for pickpockets. Also, avoid using expensive looking baggage and clothing, lock all suitcases and only use covered luggage tags with your office address written on it rather than your home.

2. Be Familiar with Your Surroundings. Download maps of the area where you will be staying at home before you go, and try to familiarize yourself with surrounding streets and neighborhoods, to avoid looking like a lost tourist. Ask the hotel concierge where to go and where not to go.

3. Hotel Safety. Ask for a room on a higher floor near the elevator but away from emergency exits, stairwells, and any renovation work. Never accept a room if the clerk loudly calls out your name and room number.

4. Know Before You Go. Try to learn as much about the destination as possible, especially when traveling to a foreign country, before you go. An area's religious or cultural beliefs can directly impact you, compelling you to adapt your dress and demeanor to comply with local customs.

5. Getting Around Safely. Grab a card or matchbook from the front desk with the hotel's name, address and phone number on it, and keep this card on you at all times. This is especially helpful in foreign countries where you taxi driver might not speak English or in case there are several hotels with similar names in the area. Also, explore transportation options available at your destination ahead of time, especially if you will be arriving late in the evening. If renting a car, it's probably a good idea to also rent a GPS to help you navigate unfamiliar roads.

There is also safety in knowledge. With advance planning and the advice of a Professional Travel Agent, your vacation or business trip can be safe, hassle-free and memorable.

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