Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shanghai Preparing for Largest Ever World’s Fair

China’s six month World Expo, with the theme “Better City, Better Life” will kick off on May 1st.

This is expected to be the largest World’s Fair to ever take place, with an estimated 70 million visitors attending between May 1st and October 31st, when it closes.

In Pudong, located on the east side of the river, is where the national pavilions and most of the big facilities will be located, giant white funnels will provide shade, channel sunlight to underground walkways and collect rainwater for recycling. Zero-emission electric vehicles will be used within the Expo grounds, and solar panels installed in various Expo buildings will create a 5-megawatt solar power system — China's largest.

The most eye-catching landmark will be the 226-foot-high China Pavilion; a scarlet structure that some say looks like a mahjong table. A clamshell-shaped cultural center that will seat up to 18,000 people and a new stadium will also permanently join the skyscrapers lining the Huangpu.

The city has also built a new airport terminal, subway lines, expressways, tunnels and bridges to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of extra visitors expected each day.

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