Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Australia is the Happiest Vacation Destination

Recently a survey was done on 1000 travelers, by Skyscanner, on what makes for the best vacation. Several components were examined, including length of flight, quality of accommodation, length of trip, details of paying for the trip, and food.

It was revealed that people are typically happiest when they go abroad, and the farther the better. The top "happiest" destinations were: Australia, South Africa, India, France and Thailand.

According to this survey, some other things that make for a very happy holiday are;

Travel companions: Genuinely getting along with and enjoying the company of your travel companions plays a very big part in how enjoyable your trip will be.

Motivation: Traveling to a destination you've always dreamed about, or holds a special fascination or interest for you.

Lodging: Contentment with accommodations, which includes the comfort, cleanliness, service, location and also the food.

Destination: The further away from home seems to have a direct correlation with the enjoyment of a vacation.

Weather: The predictability of temperature, winds, daylight and dryness all combine to decrease psychological stress and increase mood and relaxation.
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  1. Australia is most gorgeous place for travel destination and there are so many beautiful beaches.According to some good guide for happy holiday.


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