Monday, April 18, 2011

World's First In-Flight Duty Free Store

Korean Airlines will be the first airline to have the world's first in-flight duty free store on its A380 aircraft. The store, designed by UK firm AIM Aviation and Lancome, will be located at the back of the lower deck measuring 11.9 sqm, which is the equivalent of 13 economy seats.

The airline believes it will take in more in sales at the store then they would by selling the 13 economy seats, by selling higher branded products. They will also sell advertising space. The duty free store will consist of five units. Unit 1 is a "video wall" displaying advertisements while the other units will showcase cosmetics, fragrances, accessories and a limited selection of liquor. The store is intended to serve as a "physical catalogue."

The airline is also the first to devote the entire upper deck to business class with 94 "Prestige Class" seats. The lower deck will have 12 first class seats and 301 economy class seats. Their first A380 will be delivered at the end of next month.

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