Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Italy's New High-Speed Train Coming Next Year

Europe's first privately owned high-speed rail operator has introduced its Italo AGV train, which will compete early next year against the Italian state-owned network.

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori(NTV)has ordered 25 trains from France's Alstom of the latest AGV generation, which has set a speed record of 575 kph and will run at up to 300 kph between Rome and Milan. Services will later be extended to take in Naples and Salerno in the south, as well as Turin and Venice in the north.

The 11-carriage trains offer three classes, with constant Wi-Fi throughout provided by satellite transmission. One carriage is a dedicated 39-seat cinema. All carriages also offer satellite TV through Internet provided by 21 Net, an Anglo-Belgian company.

“This is the most modern train in Europe. We are the first to use this train,” said Luca di Montezemolo, chairman of NTV, at the unveiling ceremony at Nola.

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  1. I would then be much amazed when this high-speed train would have high speed internet in it. Can't wait for that!

  2. This is really good news and I look forward to more private rail operators hopefully it will end some of the monopolies on prices where there is only one operator on a specified route and mean that train travel becomes a little bit more accessible to the everyman!


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