Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Disney Radio Frequency Identification "Magic Band"?

Walt Disney Parks has reportedly filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a new type of wrist band with RFID - Radio Frequency Identification technology.

Disney is calling this new wrist band the "Magic Band," and it would possibly replace park admission paper tickets. The band has what seems to be the new FastPass Plus logo and appears to be personalized with the owner's name. The application describes the new band as something you wear on your wrist that transmits a wireless signal, is powered by a small round battery, and has no on or off switch.  Disney hasn't announced the purpose of the wrist band - but it seems likely that this new Magic Band could be used to replace paper admission tickets, no more tickets to scan, just a wrist band to swipe. It would also reduce lost paper ticket issues, and possibly allow hotel guests entry into resort hotel rooms.

There could be other reasons beyond simple guest convenience that Disney wants to use RIFD technology to track guests. What if Disney could precisely understand traffic patterns, and then take action to better distribute people around the park - such as deploying entertainment or sending special offers to mobile phones? It's possible these bands, it is mainly speculation at this point.

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