Thursday, December 20, 2012

TSA Screening Relaxed for Seniors and Children

A reminder that the TSA recently relaxed security screening for seniors over 75 and children aged 12 and under. The new policies allow children, that are 12 years or younger, to go through airport security without taking off their shoes and to minimize the need for pat-downs, children are now allowed to go through metal detectors and body scanners several times to clear any alarms. Screening changes for passengers who are 75 years or older are similar to the screening process for children. Elderly people will also be able to go through airport security without removing their shoes or a light jacket and will be able to go through the metal detector and body scanners several times to clear any alarms. The TSA has also started a new program to help frequent travelers move through security checkpoints faster. The program is called 'TSA Pre' and is available in more than 30 US airports to frequent passengers of a limited number of airlines, including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. Travelers who enroll in this program: "Do not need to take off their shoes and belts while going through security; Can keep their computers inside their bags; Can go through security without taking off a light jacket."

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