Thursday, January 03, 2013

Concordia Estimated to be Removed by End of Summer

The officials that are overseeing the removal of Costa Concordia from its precarious perch off Giglio Island, Italy are now estimating the wreck will be gone by the end of summer 2013.  However, in cautioning local residents, they said it would be misleading and unrealistic to fix a precise date for the conclusion of the work. In their latest briefing to the community, representatives of the Titan-Micoperi consortium said it is reasonable to expect possible work suspensions due to bad weather and sea conditions or other unforeseeable situations. Early on it was hoped the wreck could be refloated by January, but in August that timeline was set back to March or April, and estimates have continued to stretch further out due to the dynamic and unprecedented nature of the project.

The iconic yellow funnel is being removed to facilitate the completion of the inland holdback system that will help stabilize the vessel when it's upright. The removal of the funnel's internal structures was completed on Sunday.  The ship sank, after running aground in January 2012.

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