Friday, November 14, 2008

US Dollar Still Strong for DownUnder Travel

Day dreaming about a vacation is the first step to making it a reality. But do you find yourself wondering how to accomplish such a trip with the economy so up-in-the-air? Especially with all the media hype? You are in luck! There are still many great countries offering fabulous travel opportunities where the US dollar is strong and Americans are welcomed with open arms by delightful locals.

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the South Pacific can offer a great getaway, a trip to remember and destinations where your dollar will go a lot further. Trade in your greenbacks for some downunder travel and tell your friends to stop watching the news and get on a plane with you!

Today, it only takes $0.66 USD (United States Dollar) to buy $1.00 AUD (Australian Dollar) and only $0.57 USD to buy $1.00 NZD (New Zealand Dollar). Thinking of checking out Fiji? It will take only $0.55 USD to buy $1.00 FJD (Fijian Dollar). Compare all this to it costing $1.27 USD to buy $1.00 EUR (European Euro) for travel throughout Europe. See the huge advantage of taking that vacation downunder? It’s a steal!

To give you an even bigger picture:
If you buy $1000 AUD, it will cost you only $660 USD
If you buy $1000 NZD, it will cost you only $570 USD
If you buy $1000 FJD, it will cost you only $550 USD
If you buy $1000 EUR, it will cost you $1270 USD

You can see the enormous benefits of considering a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Check-out one, two or all three countries for a great value. Click on the country to see great trip opportunities to Australia, New Zealand and/or Fiji. There are many great Cruises to choose from as well!

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