Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Considering a Trip to South America?

A client of ours just returned from a trip to Argentina. This is his review of the country.

The Argentina trip was fantastic. It was way beyond my expectations. My itinerary was just about perfect for my interest level.

Buenos Aires is a great city. Mendoza wine, food, and scenery are spectacular. Iguazú Falls is one of the natural wonders of the world.

The Hotel Bel Air in Buenos Aires was very nice. It was clean and the staff members were attentive and helpful. English was spoken by all front desk staff, although some staff members were more helpful than others. The hotel probably would be 4 star ranking. The location in Recoleta is good but not close to the subway system.

Buenos Aires tours were good. The ½ day city tour is a good idea for a first time visitor. Buenos Aires can be a little overwhelming and it is good to have an orientation to various areas of the city. Tourists only visit a small portion of the city anyway.
One final thing I did in Buenos Aires was taking the boat to Uruguay (Colonia del Sacramento). This is worth a day trip to experience another country. I would not do this if you have only a few days in Buenos Aires, but with the enough time, it was worth a visit.

The trip to Iguazú Falls was well worth the time. This is a sight than cannot be appreciated just by the photos. It is like the Grand Canyon, spectacular in pictures but even more awesome in person. Puerto Iguazú is probably the best option to stay in.

The tours in Mendoza were spectacular. There are two English language tour companies, Ampora and Trout & Wine. Both are excellent small tour group companies. I took two wine tours and one Andes tour. The food, wine, and scenery are absolutely amazing. I would recommend either of these companies to your clients.

My overall impression of Argentina was extremely positive. I like the people, food, wine, and scenery. The cost was very inexpensive in US dollar terms. In other words, what a great place to visit! Safety and security were not significant issues (of course common sense is always necessary when traveling). I was comfortable walking the streets of Recoleta at night but I do not stay up late. The late time for dinner was a struggle for me to get used to. I may be back to visit the southern part of Argentina in the future.

I would recommend Argentina without reservations to your clients!

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