Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Do You Pick the Perfect Cruise?

In the process of searching for the ultimate adventure in cruising, there are many choices that need to be made during the planning stage. Here are some items you'll want to consider to ensure a fabulous experience and to create lifelong memories.

Size of Ship: There are small, medium and large ships that can accommodate up to 900, 1300 and 2500 passengers respectively. Of course, there are the super small vessels that carry only 100 or fewer passengers but you pay more for that luxury. Decide whether you’d like to recognize individuals throughout your cruise or blend into the crowd – there is the perfect size ship to suit your needs.

Style of Ship: Ships tend to be either more formal or very causal. You will want to choose if you are more interested in wearing flip-flops to dinner or prefer to dress a bit fancier a few nights, or during the whole duration of the cruise.

Length of Cruise: The amount of days you want to cruise is definitely a component you'll want to consider. There are anywhere from 3-27+ day cruises available on a variety of cruise lines.

Kids or No Kids: Cruise lines offer certain sailings that are geared towards family with lots of activities for the kids and plenty of fun for adults. If you are searching for a more quiet cruise or one that has been designed for couples, those are available as well.

Dining Options: Some ships offer simple “open” style dining meaning you can eat whenever you want. Others offer both open and sit-down options and some only offer reserved dining meaning you have a set time for dinner. There is usually a formal night on most cruises so you could be casual for 90% of the cruise and have one gourmet evening of dinner and dancing.

Type of Port Stops: Cruises offer a variety of port stops. Depending on whether you want the freedom to explore at your leisure or you want scheduled shore excursions like a guided tour, choose the cruise that best fits the way you like to explore a new place.

Destinations: Weather and type of eco-systems might be a consideration for you. Do you like scenic places to travel to or is warm weather a must? You can have both! There are culture-rich and plenty of adventure type of destinations as well.

Reason for Taking a Cruise: Think about why you want to experience a cruise. Is it for a Family Reunion? A cruise is a fantastic place for such a gathering. All that you and everyone else have to do is get on the boat! If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate, keep that in mind. Many ships are improving, adding and/or expanding their spa offerings. There are cruises that specialize in hobbies from music to naturalists with presentation and well known speakers. Bringing your employees together for a business retreat is a great way to reward their hard work and bring the group closer together. Some other reasons you may consider is the ease of travel a cruise offers and if you simply want to be pampered by having others do the dishes and serve you delicious meals.

Cruising offers a great variety of choices and can usually satisfy everyone in your travel group. Use these tips to start your planning process and narrow down what you’d like to experience on this amazing adventure.

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