Friday, September 05, 2008

Best and Worst Airports to Sleep In

No one ever plans to sleep in an airport. Unfortunately, sometimes due to flight delays or cancellations, we are forced to. According to, these have been rated the best and worst airports to sleep in by travelers.

The Best:

1. Changi (Singapore) International - The airport hotel rents rooms by the hour, free massage chairs in the Oasis Lounge, free internet kiosks, showers (for a fee), pool and sauna, free movie theater, comfortable seats, clean bathrooms and 24 hour restaurants.

2. Seoul Incheon International, South Korea – This airport features long couches, luggage lockers, clean bathrooms, free internet café, Korean Sauna, wide variety of shops and restaurants.

3. Hong Kong International, China – Clean bathrooms and showers, seats with massagers, 24 hour buffet, 24 hour internet café, comfortable, padded seats, and a nursery/kid’s area.

4. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland – Clean and quiet, soft benches, clean bathrooms, friendly, helpful information staff.

5. Auckland, New Zealand - Internet kiosks, long couches near gates, kid’s play area, luggage storage, clean bathrooms, telephones which offer free local calls!

The Worst:

1. Paris Charles de Gaulle, France – Cold metal benches, and bucket seats with arm rests, some gates do not have seats, dirty, smelly bathrooms, noisy, expensive food.

2. Mumbai (Bombay), India – Restrooms are filthy and smell bad, food is awful, no services at night, mosquitoes, check-in areas crowded, lack of signs/information.

3. Indira Gandhi (New Delhi) International, India – Lack of seats, dirty bathrooms, lack of signs, mosquitoes, rats, crowded, minimal services and restaurants.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia – Uncomfortable seats, very few restaurants, many peddlers/beggars, dirty, squat toilets.

5. Kiev, Ukraine – Cold and noisy, restrooms do not have toilet paper, hard plastic seats with arm rests, dark, customs officials try to bribe.

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