Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tips on How to Lighten Up your Luggage!

Packing for a trip is not a fun task! Trying to guess what to bring, what you will wear, what you will need, and hoping not to forget anything.

  1. Try to stick to one bag, and if possible, make it a bag that can be carried on. Yes, the thought of this can be terrifying for some, but it really is do-able! Lay all of the clothes you're planning on taking out on your bed, and then remove half! Just bring solid colored pants, skirts and tops that all go with each other. Darker colors are better, as they typically hide wrinkles and dirt. You can always dress up an outfit with evening shoes and accessories!

Wear layers and bulky stuff when you travel. If you think you might need a coat on your trip - wear it on the plane!

Limit yourself to three pairs of shoes. Bring two pairs of comfy shoes and one pair of dressy shoes. It's good to have two pairs of comfy shoes, and switch them every day to prevent blisters or sore feet from walking.

Check your specific airlines baggage requirements, and stick to them!

Try to pack clothes that can be easily washed and dried, to help limit how many outfits you pack.

Pack small sized toiletries, or buy them when you arrive. Full size toiletries are often bulky and take up a lot of space!

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