Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carnival Announces Spending Multi Millions to Fix Older Ships

Carnival Cruise Line has realized that it must take steps to stop the power-outages and failures that have upset so many passengers recently. They have announced that they are now taking emergency measures to equip all their ships with back-up power sources. Carnival will spend tens of millions of dollars to immediately upgrade the electrical connections from one set of generators to another on its ships that are needing such improvements.
The newest ships built within the last few years have redundancy in their electrical generators, according to recent reports. Older ships may or may not have such back-up facilities. Older ships in the Carnival fleet will be equipped with substitute sources, or access to substitute sources via more powerful and protected power cables, as a result of the immediate expenditures that Carnival executives have promised. The initial steps of this process will take place starting next week.

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